How to Search Oil Production for Texas Oil Wells

We spend a lot of time researching old oil wells and leases for oil and gas production. Although there are some oil industry exclusive software that we use, a lot of the time, we use the Texas Railroad Commission to find oil and gas production for Texas oil wells. Often times, we get the question from land owners and oil investors asking how to find how much oil a well produced? In Texas, most of the oil production figures are available for free from the Railroad Commission of Texas.

Although researching oil and gas wells can be a time consuming process and there is some added steps to find out how much an oil well produced, the RRC website will allow you to search as far back as 1993 up to the most current month. Here is the link to the Texas Railroad Commission oil production search web page:

The oil and gas production search allows you to search in a number of ways with the first options being:

General Oil and Gas Production Search

This oil production search will allow you to choose search criteria based on the following views:

  • Initial View by Lease Name, Operator, Oil Field, Gas Field, Oil District, County
  • Search oil production by date from January 1993 to current oil production
  • Search by oil wells, gas wells or both
  • Oil and Gas search by Texas Railroad Commission Districts (Click here for a Texas Oil and Gas District Map)
  • Search oil and gas production by County
  • Search oil and gas ¬†production wells by offshore area
  • Search Oil production and Gas producing wells by specific oil field
  • Search Oil and Gas Production by Oil and Gas Operator
  • Search oil production for a specific oil or gas well by lease number
  • Choose the oil district
  • Search specific oil production by date

For additional information or to research additional oil well data, please see our post about finding oil well data.